About Tomomi

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 86499)


Life Coach  

Tomomi has been helping individuals, couples and families since 2010, whose lives have been greatly impacted by various life challenges including loss of a loved one, relationship difficulties, severe mental health diagnoses, childhood physical/sexual abuse, posttraumatic stress, substance abuse, domestic violence, divorce, remarriage, foster care, and gay/lesbian/bisexual issues.  Her previous clinical experience included Equine and Animal Assisted Psychotherapy and Walk and Talk Therapy in an outdoor, naturalistic setting.

Tomomi works from a client-centered, collaborative approach using mindfulness.  She strongly believes that each individual is equipped with the necessary strengths and resources to overcome life challenges and obstacles when getting the appropriate help and support from others.  Tomomi aspires to journey with her clients toward transformation and personal growth, providing encouragement and instilling hope.

Tomomi’s work is shaped by her own life story and professional experiences.  Having lived in different countries and having been exposed to different cultures and ways of life, Tomomi has acquired and developed a deep understanding of cross-cultural issues and various acculturation challenges that can put a person under enormous stress often without realizing.  She has openness and curiosity to learn about her clients’ unique backgrounds, customs, values, and beliefs.  She is also a survivor herself, and understands how the loss of a loved one can impact a person’s life and the lives of others around him or her.  Professionally, Tomomi worked as an executive coordinator in one of the world’s largest business advisory firms, a freelance interpreter/translator, and an editor for a medical journal prior to working as a therapist.

Tomomi received her Bachelor of Arts degree in French Studies and Studio Art from Mills College and her Master of Arts degree in Marital and Family Therapy from the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University.  She is a Clinical Member of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT). 

A Personal Message for Prospective Clients

A teacher whom I respect tremendously once said, “There is nobody who does not have issues!”  Indeed, there are lots of joys and happy moments as long as we live, but there are also times of trial such as when we are struck by an unexpected misfortune, when we have to survive the loss of a loved one, and when we experience interpersonal difficulties.  Yet, how come so many of us try to suppress sadness or avoid shedding tears in such trial moments?

I have seen and helped many people in distress, and what I learned is that many, if not most, people wait to seek help and receive treatment until their symptoms became severe or their issues and circumstances became too complicated or aggravated to be handled on their own.  Seeking help from a therapist may take a lot of courage for many people; however, it is my sincere wish and hope that many of you do not necessarily prolong your pain by trying to handle difficulty by yourself.

I view psychotherapy to be a person-to-person process and experience.  As a therapist, I strive to establish a good therapeutic rapport with each of my clients, and to create an environment where they can discuss and look into their challenges truthfully and dedicate themselves to the process of self-acceptance and personal growth.  I aspire to provide necessary support, encouragement and hope by utilizing all of my personal and professional experiences having lived and worked in different cultures and having overcome a number of hardships, so that my clients find ways to overcome their own hardships, too.