Are you..

–    Feeling blue, alone, stuck, drained or stressed out?

–    Having difficulty forming healthy, loving relationships or meaningful friendships? 

–    Anxious about your future or unclear about what direction to take in your life?

–    Going through a transition and need some guidance and encouragement to fulfill your dreams?

–    From a foreign country/culture and experiencing communication barriers or having difficulty “fitting in?”

Perhaps you..

–          Feel like there is no one who truly understands your pain or feelings;

–          Are exhausted from trying over and over and yet seeing no results (for a harmonious relationship, a healthy life style, a real career, etc.) 

–          Just need to talk to someone who sits with you and listens to your story, without judgment;

–          Want to understand yourself better in order to connect with your genuine self and realize your uniqueness and wonderfulness; and/or

–          Are ready to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.  

The below are examples of struggles that I help my clients with.

For individual clients

  • Relationship/interpersonal difficulty (family, friends, romantic partners)
  • Marital problems, parenting
  • Singlehood
  • Adjustment (overseas assignment, relocation, new employment)
  • Major life transitions (marriage, childbirth, midlife crisis, empty nest, retirement)
  • Loss experience (bereavement, illness, infertility, divorce, unemployment, loss of a pet)
  • Anxiety, phobia, panic attack, PTSD, depression, withdrawal, apathy, dependency, addiction, social isolation, homesickness
  • Work-related issues (interpersonal difficulty, pressure, stress, demotion, termination, carrier change)
  • Men’s/women’s issues, sexual problems
  • Personality issues (low self-esteem, anger management)
  • Burnout, caretaker fatigue, self-care
  • Life purpose, existential/spirituality issues

For couples

  • Miscommunication
  • Cross-cultural issues in international/interracial marriage or relationship
  • Infidelity, domestic violence, intimacy issues, infertility
  • Prospect of divorce
  • Premarital counseling / Couple Checkup

For families

  • Parent/child discord, behavioral problems
  • Blended family issues
  • Problems with in-laws
  • Co-parenting support for divorced/separated couples

Support groups / Psychoeducational Classes

  • Singles (struggling with relationships; having limited support)
  • Foreign-born nationals (away from home and family; with no or limited support)
  • Members of international/interracial couples (with acculturation challenges)
  • Parenting Class (including support for single mothers and single fathers)
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Anger Management